All recipes in the game My Cafe:Recipes and Stories
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All recipes in the game My Cafe:Recipes and Stories

Many players who spend time in the game “My Cafe:Recipes and Stories” had to face the discovery of a new recipe for further preparation of a drink or dish, but did not always succeed in deciphering it correctly. This article describes all the necessary recipes for a comfortable game. Consider the recipes in the game coffee house completely.

Recipes for My Cafe

As we see, there are a lot of recipes in the game My Cafe. All of them are needed for the earnings and development of the cafe. Therefore, do not forget to discover new recipes for drinks and dishes. Try to immediately raise prices to a green level so that sales are effective.

At the time of the last update with the new apparatus for matcha tea, completely new recipes for cafe visitors appear, which means that we can treat our customers with new recipes for matcha tea! It is enough to get level 38, earn gold coins and buy an apparatus for making tea match.

The developers of the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” constantly make updates and supplement the game with new levels, recipes and bonuses, which can only please the players. Having learned all the recipes in the game, you can earn coins faster and develop your cafe!