Brain out level 3 Enter the house to find Santa Claus!
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Brain out level 3 Enter the house to find Santa Claus!

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The popular Brain out game has won the interest of players and continues to delight them with new levels before the New Year. So the developers created 10 more levels called “Finfing Santa”. To make it easier to complete each level, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the answers and use them if you have difficulty passing.

Answer Level 3 Brain out Finding Santa

Ответ на 3 уровень Brain out Где Санта-Клаус? Перемещайте картинку в разные стороны и Вы найдете Елку. Нажмите на Елку 5 раз и из нее выпадет ключ. Этот ключ наведите на дверь Санты-Клауса и уровень будет пройден!

Move the picture in different directions and you will find the Christmas tree. Click on the Christmas tree 5 times and a key will fall out of it. Put this key on the door of Santa Claus and the level will be passed!

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