How to get Diego with buckets in My cafe game?
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How to get Diego with buckets in My cafe game?

How to collect 4 liters of water Diego?
How to help Diego complete his Halloween assignment?
How to measure using buckets of 5 liters and 3 liters a bucket of 4 liters?

In the game “My cafe: Recipes and Stories” after completing the 6th order of Diego, we are offered to complete the task or treat Diego “American with Gold”. Since “Gold” is a very rare spice in the game, let’s go through this task without any costs. Select the button “I will help you decide” and proceed to the solution:

Fine. So, there are buckets of 3 and 5 liters. It is necessary to measure 4 liters. Where to begin?

✅ Fill a five liter bucket.

Good. What is the next step?

✅ Pour water from a five-liter to a three-liter bucket.

Fine. In a five-liter bucket, 2 liters remained, a three-liter full. What’s next?

✅ Pour water from a three-liter bucket.

I get it. In the five-liter still 2 liters, three-liter empty. What’s next?

✅ Transfer 2 liters from a five-liter bucket to a three-liter one.

Now 2 liters in a three-liter bucket, and a five-liter empty. What is the next step?

✅ Collect a five liter bucket.

Now the five-liter bucket is full, in a three-liter 2 liter water. The last step remained. What are we doing?

✅ From a five-liter bucket pour one liter into a three-liter one.

Bingo! Now in a five-liter bucket exactly 4 liters. You did it!

This task will be completed and you can continue to participate in the history of Diego without loss of spice.