My Cafe: Update 2020.3 Announcement! Charlotte and Excalibur sword!
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My Cafe: Update 2020.3 Announcement! Charlotte and Excalibur sword!

March update 2020.3 in the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” under the name “Charlotte and Excalibur sword!” will arrive soon in the game! On the initial loading screen we will see Watson, Charlotte, the Queen. The queen looks a bit different, but we are waiting for something mysterious and we will investigate something. We are waiting for two stories with Bill and Watson Holmes that will take us to the new 39 level, a convenient little innovation in the orders of the cafe, the guest will come with his interesting story. Upon arrival, we again have to complete assignments and serve recipes with various dishes and drinks in order to receive gifts and rewards for completing them.

Great news for players who play on devices with the Android operating system. Approximately 10% of the lucky ones have the opportunity to play on the beta test of the new update 2020.3 a few days before the official update for other players. You need to log in to GooglePlay and maybe you are lucky and a button with a game update appears. Other players will have to wait for the official release of the 2020.3 update.

In the March 2020.3 update, we will answer questions such as: What will be the maximum level in a cafe now? Which guest will come to our cafe? What unique items will appear in the game? What is the next season at the cafe? What stories and tasks will appear with the arrival of the guest? What changes await us in the new update 2020.3? Let’s take a closer look.

Guest in Update 2020.3 Charlotte

In the March update 2020.3, we will arrive at the cafe Charlotte Riddle! She came to visit us before, we remember her as a librarian who loves to read books.

Charlotte Riddle comes to us in a red rare car. She is a librarian and a lover of detective stories, but in addition, she still inherited a castle from her uncle. Let’s talk and find out what happened to her this time. Charlotte arranges an auction on his estate. The main lot is the sword of Arthur. In the stone! So it’s not without adventure. Arthut is Riddle’s great-grandfather, a lover of ancient relics and books. True, his library was dilapidated, and his books were damp, so she wants to save them. Let the sword bring joy to the one who buys it, and with the proceeds, bring the books in order. It is one thing to get an estate from uncle, it is another to keep the mansion in decent condition. We have to help the temporary guest to complete 30 orders for which he will give us gifts and diamonds.

Charlotte’s order collection will take place with us for two weeks and during this time 30 tasks will need to be completed, as well as the need to update the game and enter it. She comes to all players whose level is above 8. So, you will need to complete 30 Riddle orders, for each completed task you will receive gold coins and spices. For the execution of a certain number of orders you will receive gifts and diamonds.

You must complete the tasks as before. We performed them in other updates. Complete your first order with Charlotte to start a new story! In total, it will be necessary to collect 30 Charlotte orders in order to receive the most recent gift, the Golden Gift.

For the correct execution of orders, you need to find a red car at the exit from the cafe, on which Charlotte arrived and click on it. There are 30 tasks in total, for which we will receive pleasant rewards. So for the first completed assignment we will be awarded the “Pink Gift”! We will be awarded 15 diamonds for completing 5 assignments, when we get to the ninth assignment we will again be rewarded with a “Pink Gift”! Then on the fifteenth mission they will give 25 diamonds. Further, on completing 21 tasks, Charlotte will reward the “Blue Gift”. At the 27th assignment, he will hand over 50 diamonds and, when completing all 30 assignments, we will be rewarded with the main and necessary prize – the “Golden Gift”! Tasks are optional, but in this case you will not receive pleasant gifts and diamonds.

IMPORTANT! You can appoint your Waiters and Barist to help you get through the Riddle order.

After completing a certain number of orders, new and new parts of the story will be revealed to you. And also you can earn gifts, spices and go through a unique story, in addition you can get unique items, some of them you will receive absolutely free.

Fulfilling orders you will reveal new details of the story. The fact is that most likely something will happen with the sword of Arthur and in the end we can see Watson with such a face below.

Well, why we have such a look, we will be able to find out as you progress through the story.

Unique New Items in Update 2020.3

In this update in our special offers in the upper right corner of the screen you can find new unique items. Firstly, there will be a new piano! Yes guys! This is already the 4th piano in the game and it will be pink. The piano will play a cool tune, so if you like musical instruments in a cafe, here’s a brand new piano.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of sitting or lying on a sofa, then we will have a new Ruby sofa. It looks very cool, it will be especially cool to combine with the Oxford style in the English style.

Sakura Season Update 2020.3

In the Charlotte and the Sword update, the Sakura season will begin. We start this season every spring and has become a good tradition. Dates of the season begin on March 5th and end on March 23rd. Start and end dates of each festival:

  • 🍩 The first festival will begin on March 6 and end on March 9.
  • 🍩 The second festival will begin on March 13 and end on March 16.
  • 🍩 The third festival will begin on March 20 and end on March 23.

Do not forget to save up spices for each Festival. Open all the cells in the “Spice Box” and fill it with the help of telephone orders, buying and opening gifts, and you can also increase Tatyana’s skill and receive simple gifts every day. They can be received up to 3 per day!

Each time you collect cups at the Festivals, you will receive diamonds with “Diamond Sakura”, so the more you can accumulate points (cups) at the Festivals, the better the reward in the form of diamonds daily. Giving diamonds “Diamond Sakura” will be every day until the end of the season. “Diamond Sakura” gives 1, 2 or 3 diamonds per day due to the cups received at the Festivals.

During the season of the “Diamond Sakura” for 500 cups won in the Festival, each player will be rewarded with 1 diamond per day, having collected 6.000 cups, the player will receive 2 diamonds per day, having collected 22.500 cups you will begin to receive three diamonds per day!

Important! Points (cups) at the Festival are awarded for actually scored cups personally by you, and not by Gorodok as a whole.

In addition, you can purchase Diamond Sakura for real money. By purchasing Diamond Sakura you will be given 1,500 diamonds, VIP points, as well as 50, 115 and 150 diamonds per day, unlike your Fontana level. Earn cups and get diamonds every day!

“Diamond Sakura” remains with the players at the end of the season, who were able to buy “Diamond Sakura” for real money.

Add-ons in Update 2020.3

Fans of fast progress in levels or those who play for a long time will also be happy, because at level 38 two new stories appear. The first story will be with Bill and Ron about football and chess. And in the end, Bill will be able to give us the “Blue Gift”.

Well, the second story will be related to the abduction of donuts from the cafe. Well, Karl is accused of stealing manuscripts. Well, of course, Watson Holmes will deal with all this, and if you help him, then too, you will receive a “Blue Gift”. With all these stories you can go to level 39 and at level 39 you can take a break. So far, developers have not added anything to level 39, but we will all be obliged to wait for new stories, new equipment, or something else new in new updates.

Now a small but convenient moment in the game. When we want to place an order for a cafe visitor, for example, Ben wants a Pink Espresso, let’s do it. And here Ben begins to wave his hands and a sign appears in the form of an orange palm over Ben. In my opinion, this is very convenient, because at high levels the cafe becomes big and it becomes difficult to find a guest who has made an order. This innovation will greatly help all players, especially in the Barista Days competitions, because it needs to serve a lot of different drinks and dishes. It will be very cool to know who and what they want.

Based on the result of update 2020.3, I can make a verdict that the update is not the most successful, but there are hints of something new and interesting. However, there is something to rejoice in the game: the emergence of a new story with Charlotte Riddle, new unique items in special offers, two completely new stories with the passage to level 39 and no less pleasant and convenient moment with visitors’ orders.

Update 2020.3 in the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” will be available to all players around March 4, you can download it to a mobile phone or tablet that supports iOS and Android operating systems, and if this is not possible, you can install the game on your computer!

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