Update 2019.11 “Barista Day” in the game My cafe:recipes and stories
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Update 2019.11 “Barista Day” in the game My cafe:recipes and stories

In the new update 2019.11 in the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” there will be small changes and a new competition “Barista Days” will appear.

The developers have kept secret the details of the new update, but 10% of players who play on the Android operating system can install and play the new version of the game. The rest of the players need to wait from 1-3 days until the test of the game is over and an update is introduced for everyone.

New competition “Barista Day”

The new November update will feature a new unique competition, the Days of Barista. The event is available to all players of level 13+. The more gold coins you earn in the race for the first places in the ranking, the higher the reward!

If you are aiming to have fun, it’s faster to earn gold coins for the necessary equipment or home decoration and you like the individual competition – Barista Days is for you!

The new competition will allow players to demonstrate their skills, quickly fill in gold coins while earning prizes! All coins, earned manually from the collection of orders, participate in the race for first places in the ranking.

The Barista Days competition will be similar to the Festival, only among players, not Gorodoks. There will also be leagues, as well as at the Festival. There will be five leagues in total:

  • Pink League (Primary)
  • Anis League
  • Star anise League
  • Saffron league
  • Golden League (Last)

In the Pink League you can get for 1 place – 140 diamonds, for 2 place 70 diamonds, for 3 place 23 diamonds, for 4-15 place 6 diamonds and for 16-35 place only 1 diamond, the rest places from 36-50 do not get anything.

Players with places 36 to 50 will fall into the league below. The very first league is Pink, you cannot fall below it.

Competitions are held among a group of players, which is formed at the start of the competition.

It is necessary to collect as many gold coins as possible, serving visitors manually until the end of the event. The best baristas receive prizes.

In total, 50 people will participate in the event. In addition to you there will be another 49 people who have the same level, as well as the same time zone. In other words, level 15 players will compete with level 15 players, and accordingly level 35 players with level 35 players.

Blitz mode in the competition “Barista Day”

In the new competition, “Days of Barista” there is a mode of “Blitz”. In this mode, you need to serve all guests manually as quickly as possible. The blitz lasts 3 minutes. Within 3 minutes, visitors to the coffee shop pay you 2 times more gold coins for orders. Within 3 minutes, the staff does not serve visitors.

During blitz mode, you will be asked only for special orders (Special orders with spices). This is done on purpose, since you will be given more gold coins for completing the order, and for each completed order you will receive a bonus in time. Accordingly, the more orders you submit, the more time will be spent on you to complete orders, the more gold coins you will receive!

IMPORTANT! You get points only for serving cafe visitors, phone orders, a car with tasks and Liam’s tasks do not count!

New season “Coffee Season”

In the update 2019.11, the “Coffee Season” will begin for players of level 7+. Earn cups at festivals and Coffee Tree will bring you more diamonds.

In the next version of the game “My Coffee Shop: Recipes and Stories” appears “Coffee Season”. The season will begin on November 15 and 3 festivals will continue. The last day of the season will be December 2, inclusive. Throughout the coffee season, we will be able to participate in three festivals:

🍩 The first festival will begin on November 15 and end on November 18.

🍩 The second festival will begin on November 22 and end on November 25.

🍩 The third festival will begin on November 29 and end on December 2.

IMPORTANT! The standings at the Festival are cups earned by you personally.

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