Update 2019.10 “Halloween” in the game My Cafe:recipes and stories
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Update 2019.10 “Halloween” in the game My Cafe:recipes and stories

And now, there comes a new update 2019.10 called “Halloween” in the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories”. By the name of the update, we can clearly understand that this update is dedicated to Halloween. When loading the game, we immediately see Diego in the costume of Dracula, Tatyana with a cup of coffee and in the background Bill in a helmet in a balloon! I feel it will be very interesting!

Amazing news for players who have Android phones. About 10% of the lucky ones will be able to play on the beta test of the new update 2019.10 a few days before the official update for other players. You need to log in to GooglePlay and maybe you are lucky and a button with a game update appears. The rest of the players will have to wait for the official release of the update 2019.10, which will be released a little after.

In the new October update 2019.10 Halloween, we will answer the following questions: Which hero comes to our coffee shop again? What new style will appear in the cafe? What unique items will appear in the game? What is the next season at the cafe? What will be the suit for the waiters and the barista? What changes and innovations await us in the upcoming update? What new loading screen awaits us? Let’s get started!

Guest updated on 2019.10 Diego

So, after loading the game, a special guest flies to us in a balloon in the form of a pumpkin and this is Diego! We met him earlier in previous updates. When Diego landed, did the ball turn into a TENT? Well, Diego, as always, is an inventor! Let’s find out what’s the matter. Diego came to participate in a special Balloon Regatta. He claims that Witches are tired of everyone. At the zombie competition that year, Watson won the night’s sleep, so Diego decided to win this competition! If Diego wins, then he will be able to get money that will help him travel all over the world for a year and maintain his Travel blog!

In addition, from the history of Diego, we learn that a creature appeared in the city lake that made various sounds. We will need to study what it is?

Diego will participate in the balloon regatta competition for 14 days and during this time 30 orders of Diego must be completed. To do this, update the game and enter it. He comes to all players whose level is above 8. The last day when you can meet him is October 26, and you also need to update the game and enter it. To get gold coins and spices, you need to carry out Diego’s tasks over and over again. Upon completion of a certain number of orders, you will receive gifts and diamonds. At the end, you will find a “Golden Gift”.

You need to complete orders according to a simple scheme. We have performed them in other updates before. Complete your first Diego order to start a new story! In total, it will be necessary to complete 30 Diego orders in order to receive the most recent gift, the Golden Gift.

Passage of game my cafe:recipes and stories on levels

To quickly complete orders, you need to find Diego’s Tent at the exit from the cafe and click on it. There are 30 tasks in total, for which we will receive rewards. So for the first completed assignment we will be awarded the “Pink Gift”! For completing five tasks, we will be awarded 15 diamonds, when we finish the ninth order we will again be given the “Pink Gift”! Then, on the 15th quest, they will give 25 diamonds. Next, on completing 21 tasks, Diego will reward with a “Blue Gift”. At the 27th assignment, he will hand over 50 diamonds and, when completing all 30 assignments, we will be rewarded with the main and necessary prize – the Golden Gift! Orders are optional, but in this case you will not receive pleasant gifts and diamonds.

IMPORTANT! You can take advantage of Diego’s orders with your staff (Waiter and Barista) for quick and comfortable passage of Diego’s orders.

IMPORTANT! After order 6 Diego will ask you for “Americano with Gold”, so prepare in advance 1 spice with gold in order to quickly go through this story.

At the end of several orders, new details of the story will be revealed to you, it will be interesting! And also you can get gifts, spices and unique items.

New items in the 2019.10 Halloween update

Diego by history will offer you to solve a certain riddle, after you complete 6 orders of Diego and correctly solve his riddle, he will give you the “Month” lamp on history.

He will give the lamp for free. The “Month” lamp will change its colors when you click on it. It will look very unusual and beautiful.

Visitors will also have requests for you, for the fulfillment of which they will give gifts. Firstly, after 1 order, Fernando will ask you to purchase a Black Cat table for two. Fernando will give a Golden Gift for fulfilling this request.

Numerous cafe interior decorations will appear in the Store of ordinary items, which you can buy for gold coins!

Do not miss the unique opportunity to decorate the interior of your cafe for Halloween!

Special items

In special offers there will be new interior and exterior items! This is the lamp “Halloween”, Sign, composition at the entrance and shop. These items were last year, now they can be purchased again.

New and unique Aurora Borealis Spider Sofa and a very impressive Halloween window. Here is the tomb in which Batman lies, so if you want 3 Batman coffin windows, be sure to check out the special offers.

New costume for staff in the update 2019.10 “Halloween”

In the October version of 2019.10 “Halloween”, a completely new costume called “Eternal Love” will be available to us. It can be bought in the “Costumes” section. Just go to the “Costumes” section and select the “Eternal Love” costume. The price is 575 diamonds. You will be able to wear this costume both at the barista and at the waiters. The costume is unusual, so do not miss the chance to make your staff more unique!

The male staff in this suit as a walking Wi-Fi signal is very funny. According to the story, the Queen will offer you to buy a suit for waiters and a barista. The Queen will present a “Blue Gift” for the purchase. It is not necessary to buy a suit if you do not want a suit and a gift.

New “Elixirs Season” in the 2019.10 Halloween update

In the next version of the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” will appear “Season of the Elixirs”. The season will begin on October 17 and 3 festivals will continue. The last day of the season will be November 4, inclusive. Throughout the season of the Elixirs, we will be able to participate in three festivals:

🍩 The first festival will begin on October 18 and end on October 21.

🍩 The second festival will begin on October 25 and end on October 28.

🍩 The third festival will begin on November 1 and end on November 4.

The main thing is to save up spices for each Festival. Try to open all the cells in the “Spice Box” and fill the box with spices by making phone orders, buying and opening gifts, and you can also increase Tatyana’s skill and receive simple gifts every day. They can be received up to 3 per day!

When collecting personal cups at the Festival, you will receive diamonds from the Magic Cauldron, so the more you can accumulate points (cups) at the Festivals, the better the diamond reward will be daily. The “Magic Cauldron” will give diamonds every day until the end of the season. The Magic Cauldron gives 1, 2 or 3 diamonds per day due to the cups received at the Festivals.

Throughout the entire season, “Elixir” for 500 cups won in the Festival, each player will be rewarded with 1 diamond per day, having collected 6.000 cups the player will receive 2 diamonds per day, having collected 22.500 cups you will begin to receive three diamonds per day!

Passage of game my cafe:recipes and stories on levels

Important! Points (cups) at the Festival are awarded for actually scored cups personally by you, and not by the Town as a whole.

In addition to the daily diamond reward, you can purchase the Magic Cauldron for real money. Having bought the Magic Cauldron you will be given 1,500 diamonds, VIP points, as well as 50, 115 and 150 diamonds per day, unlike your Fountain level. Earn cups and get diamonds every day!

The Magic Cauldron remains with the players at the end of the season who were able to buy the Magic Cauldron for real money.

New changes and additions in the update 2019.10 “Halloween”

In the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories”, a new Chinese-style sub-style “Shanghai” appears! He will remain in the game forever. The owners of this substyle will be players above level 34. If you are a fan of Chinese style, then the good news is for you!

There is good news for the rest of the sub-styles, now in all the sub-styles that open at level 31, it is possible to install up to 50 pedestals for your equipment in the cafe.

Now in the Store you can buy spices much more than before. It will become available to purchase in the spice shop up to 12-15 spices. The number of spices in the VIP spice store has also increased to 15-30 spices.

In version 2019.10 “Halloween”, a new loading screen appears when moving to the City.

This is something unusual and beautiful! Just look at this nice little ball with a cat! A new filter also appeared by the level of players in the Town up to level 37.

Based on the results of the review of version 2019.10 “Halloween” I can say that it will be interesting and successful. A new suit for the staff, interior and exterior elements in the style of Halloween, which you can install in your cafe for gold coins. And finally, the most important thing is the new Shanghai style for players who set the Chinese style in a coffee shop.

Update 2019.10 in the game “My Cafe: Recipes and Stories” will be available to all players around October 16, you can download it to a mobile phone or tablet that supports iOS and Android operating systems, and if this is not possible, you can install the game on your computer!

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