Passage of game my cafe:recipes and stories on levels

In the game My Cafe:recipes and stories there are various tasks that affect the passage of levels. Proper storytelling influences the development of your coffee shop. My Cafe:recipes and stories are interesting for errands that are sometimes difficult to go through, as well as recipes without which you cannot make good profits. But in the abyss of these worries, we do not know how much we have to earn and how much we have already earned for completing tasks, so this article collects data on levels, earning diamonds (diamonds), gold coins, gifts and much more for your convenience.

Entities may vary depending on your chosen interior style. The article provides the pricing of items for the individual game of my cafe.

Levels in the game my cafe

0 level (training)

At the training stage, you open a coffee shop, do interior decoration, buy equipment and receive the first guests. The first guest will be Mary Ditt, she will wish a cup of Tea and ice cream.

Cost per level:

  • Tea Machine — 55 Gold Coins
  • Vanilla Ice cream case — 40 gold coins
  • Simple stand — 50 gold coins
  • Wooden bar counter — 20 gold coins
  • Bar stool — 15 gold coins

Total: 180 gold coins.

The reward for completing level 0 will be 150 gold coins.

Level 1

You have a new visitor, Margaret, she is single and loves small cupcakes. Treat her and the level is passed.

Cost per level:

  • Cupcake display Case — 85 gold coins
  • Simple stand — 50 gold coins
  • Wooden bar counter — 20 gold coins
  • Bar stool — 15 gold coins

Total: 170 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 1 will be 100 gold coins.

Level 2

You will be introduced to Watson Holmes. He will order a cupcake. Then you will be trained to independently carry out orders. Watson will also order Espresso. You will not have enough money to buy an Espresso machine and Watson will give you 10 diamonds to buy. For each self-service visitors are waiting for you prestige points.

Cost per level:

  • Espresso machine — 118 gold coins
  • Simple stand — 50 gold coins
  • Wooden bar counter — 20 gold coins
  • Bar stool — 15 gold coins

Total: 203 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 2 will be 10 diamonds and 250 gold coins.

Level 3

Bill comes to the coffee shop — he is a computer genius. Bill will ask for «English Tea» and give a «Simple Gift».

Mary Ditt will order «White Cafe Glace» and give 1 diamond.

Margaret will order «Americano» and give 2 diamonds.

Mary will be sad to look out the window and you will buy a «TV», for which she will give 3 diamonds. You will be able to view Advertising (more details here).

Watson will request a Double Espresso and give 1 diamond.

Cost per level:

  • Americano machine — 300 gold coins
  • Simple stand — 50 gold coins
  • Wooden bar counter — 20 gold coins
  • Bar stool — 15 gold coins
  • Milk Refrigerator — 100 Gold Coins
  • TV — 45 gold coins

Total: 530 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 3 will be 7 diamonds and 450 gold coins.

Levels My Cafe

Level 4

You have a lot to learn about the new hero — Ben. Tatyana will teach you how to move furniture. Watson will request «Cinnamon Tea» and give 1 diamond. He will also request «Americano with Cinnamon» and give another 1 diamond.

A new hero will come — Koffsky. He will recommend buying a shelf for awards and will give you 3 diamonds for the purchase. Prokofiy will ask you for recipes and sometimes suggest the right answer (More about recipes here). For each correct answer, recipes give 1 diamond.

Bill will offer to participate in a daily quiz of three questions. For the correct answer, he gives gold coins (Read more about the answers to the Bill quiz here). Bill will request a «Cinnamon Cupcake» and give 1 diamond. He will also ask you to hang a «Simple menu board» and will give 1 diamond per purchase.

Margaret will thank 1 diamond for the «Americano with Milk» recipe. Tatyana will ask you to hire a waiter and give 5 diamonds.

Mary and Ben want to celebrate the anniversary in your cafe. You buy a Mirrored table for two and Mary will thank you with 3 diamonds. Mary Ditt will lose the groom and for your support gives 3 diamonds. She will ask you to speak with Watson, so that he would solve the case and give you 3 diamonds. Mary will thank you again for your support and give 3 diamonds.

Cost per level:

  • Award Shelf — 10 gold coins.
  • Grazia Stand 2 pieces — 70 gold coins each
  • Grazia Bar Counter 2 pieces — 50 gold coins each
  • Grazia Bar Stool 2 pieces — 30 gold coins each
  • Topping shelf — 15 gold coins
  • Additive «Cinnamon» — 425 gold coins.
  • Simple chalkboard Menu — 55 gold coins
  • Service Table — 80 gold coins
  • Wooden Table for Two — 100 gold coins
  • Carnations — 25 gold coins
  • Cheesecake Display Case — 250 gold coins

Total: 1260 gold coins.

The reward for completing level 4 will be 26 diamonds and 450 gold coins.

Level 5

Watson advises to put a box for spices. As soon as you put the box, he will give you 3 rose petals and teach you how to cook «Rose Tea». For this it will give 150 gold coins.

A new visitor to the cafe is Diego. Diego will deliver orders. For 15 completed orders you will receive a pink gift.

A rich, gallant and elegant Fernando will come to you. He is the chairman of the community of coffee houses and restaurants. The community will invite you to exchange diamonds. Your cafe will reach level 5 and the community will give you a simple gift. Fernando will advise you to expand the box for spices by buying diamonds in a jar. Fernando will also talk about VIP status. You can buy from him 1 simple gift for 5 diamonds, get 1 pink gift for 19 diamonds, get 1 blue gift for 49 diamonds, get a golden gift for 99 diamonds. Fernando asks to buy «Cafe expansion No. 1» and will award 3 diamonds.

Margaret will buy items from your warehouse. You can sell her 1 item per day.

It turns out that Watson is very fond of taking notes. You need to purchase a magazine rack. For this, Watson will give 1 diamond. He will also request a special recipe «Tibetan tea with anise and cinnamon» and reward you with 250 gold coins.

Koffsky will give 3 anise and will ask for new recipes, for each correct answer he will give diamonds (all recipes are here).

Mary will watch TV and give you 1 diamond.

Watson will reward you with 1 Diamond for Iced Tea.

Bill will thank you for installing the Latte machine in 3 diamonds.

Margaret asks her to treat «Cupcake with anise and cinnamon.»

Koffsky presents you 5 diamonds, he is pleased that he is not indifferent to you.

Cost per level:

  • Box for spices — 280 gold coins each.
  • Grazia Stand 2 pieces — 70 gold coins each
  • Cafe expansion No. 1 — 2 500 gold coins each.
  • Newspaper Rack — 120 gold coins each.
  • Freezer — 1 800 gold coins each.
  • Latte Machine — 700 gold coins each.
  • 172 diamonds for gifts
  • Rose petals 1 piece
  • Anise 2 pieces

Total: 5540 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 5 will be 15 diamonds, 500 gold coins, 3 rose petals, 3 anise, 2 Simple, 1 pink, 1 blue and 1 gold gifts.

My coffee shop passing levels

Level 6

New visitor Ron is the captain of the local football team. Ordered «Mocaccino with ice» and gave 1 diamond.

Watson complains about green walls and asks to change the wallpaper and gives 1 diamond. Then gives a simple gift.

Watson requested «Spiced Cappuccino» and awarded 1 diamond.

Fernando undertook to help you organize a delivery service. You need to buy a phone, for the purchase gives 1 diamond. Then he will ask for «Galangal Tea» and will give 1 galangal for cooking a recipe and will reward 500 gold coins.

Koffsky will request new recipes (Recipe Tips here). For each correct answer, gives you 1 diamond.

Margaret is crazy about «Aphrodite Tea with nutmeg, rose and cinnamon» and shared the nutmeg, after which she awarded 700 gold coins.

Bill will give you 2 diamonds for keeping the secret and ask you to transfer an anonymous note to whom? Learn in the game =)

Bill asks to treat «Mocha» and promises to make a site or diamonds for it. As a result, he will award 3 diamonds. He will also ask you to make a cup of Cappuccino and give 3 diamonds and a Pink gift. Then he will ask you to buy «Tranquility Flooring» and will give 1 diamond.

Cost per level:

  • Cells for spices at your discretion, the first 3 for free, the next 19, 49, 99 and then 199 diamonds.
  • Grazia Stand 3 pieces — 70 gold coins each
  • Chocolate syrup — 850 gold coins.
  • Wallpaper Traditional — 1,000 gold coins.
  • Phone — 250 gold coins.
  • Cappuccino machine — 2,000 gold coins.
  • Tranquility Flooring — 550 gold coins.
  • Galangal 1 piece
  • Nutmeg 1 piece
  • Rose petals 1 piece

Total: 5,860 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 6 is 15 diamonds, 1,800 gold coins, a simple and pink present.

Level 7

Ann will advise you to join the Town in order to communicate with other owners of the cafe, help each other, participate in festivals. She will talk about special offers, stylish devices.

The new hero Petrovich, is engaged in road repair. He will ask you to hang the picture «Mysterious Stranger» in exchange for his story and will award 3 diamonds. Also, Petrovich will need: «Vintage Table for two», «Romantic candles», «Fish Tank». Reward 2 diamonds for the table and for everything else A simple gift. At the end of his story, Petrovich will reward you with 5 diamonds and a Blue gift.

Fernando said that you need to delight guests with a unique atmosphere due to the stylish interior. Visitors will feel more comfortable and leave more tips. You have to choose one of six styles. Fernando will ask you to buy 3 curbstones, 3 bar counters, 3 bar stools from your chosen style. For this he will give a stylish tea machine.

Mary will have to pass a difficult exam and will order «Ginseng Tea» from you. Award of 700 gold coins.

Koffsky will ask for new recipes. For each correct answer 1 diamond. (Tips for recipes here).

Margaret asks to treat her with a tartlet. Reward 3 diamonds. She will order Vietnamese-style Iced Coffee with Tapioca. Reward 1,200 gold coins.

Bill requested a new Frappe recipe and a new Ice cream Latte recipe. Reward 3 diamonds.

Watson will request Americano with Cream and award 1 diamond. The reward at the end of the level is 1,000 gold coins.

Cost per level:

  • «Wooden table for two» — 100 gold coins.
  • Grazia Stand — 70 gold coins
  • The painting «Mysterious Stranger» — 2,750 gold coins.
  • «Vintage Table for two» — 760 gold coins.
  • Romantic candles — 550 gold coins.
  • Fish Tank — 1,950 gold coins.
  • 3 bar stools, 3 bar counters, 3 curbstones. The price for the selected style is different.
  • Tartlet Display Case — 2,950 gold coins.
  • The device «Whipped cream» — 2 890 gold coins.
  • Ginseng 1 piece.
  • Tapioca 1 piece.

Total: 12,020 gold coins.

The reward for completing level 7 will be 20 diamonds, 2,900 gold coins, a simple one (for a request to buy Fish Tank) and a blue gift (gives Petrovich).

Level 8

The new visitor is the Cleo. She is a DJ. Cleo to ask to introduce Bill. Reward 5 diamonds. Will advise you to buy Cafe expansion №2. Reward 2 diamonds. At the end of your story, thank you for helping twice with 3 diamonds.

Margaret offers a dice game. Only 3 attempts. It also advises you to buy a painting in your chosen style. Reward 3 diamonds. Margaret asks for «Croissant with Cream».

Ron wants to treat the Cleo «Vanilla Ice Cream with Lemon». Reward 3 diamonds.

Koffsky will ask for new recipes. (Tips for recipes here). The reward for each correct answer is 1 diamond.

Bill will give a Pink present and ask for «Tea with cardamom, milk and lemon», then «Tibetan tea with anise and cinnamon».

Petrovich will order a new recipe «Americano with Lemon». Reward 1 diamond.

Watson requested «Cinnamon Croissant» and gave 1 diamond.

Petrovich will ask for «Adrenaline with Guarana» and give 3 diamonds.

Mary will thank for the help in moving and will give 3 diamonds.

At the end of the level they will give 1200 gold coins.

Cost per level:

  • Lemon — 4,500 gold coins.
  • Cafe expansion № 2 — 5,000 gold coins.
  • Croissant Display Case — 3,130 gold coins.
  • Cardamom 1 piece.
  • Anise 1 piece.
  • Guarana 1 piece.

Total: 12,630 gold coins.

The reward for completing Level 8 will be 26 diamonds, 1,000 gold coins and a pink gift from Bill.

Level 9

The new guest is Elsa. Mary recommended your cafe to her. Elsa asked for «Strawberry Ice Cream» — a reward of 3 diamonds. She advised to purchase a Sound System — a reward of 3 diamonds.

Koffsky requested a recipe for “Iced Fruit Tea” and a recipe for “Summer Latte”. Reward 2 diamonds. Also, Koffsky will thank you for helping 15 diamonds and give you 1 saffron. Then he asks for new recipes and gives 1 diamond for each recipe (Tips for recipes here).

Watson will ask for «Americano with Nutmeg and Cream» — a reward of 3 diamonds. Then he will request “Summer Latte”, a Leather Couch and will give 3 diamonds for this. At the end of the level will present 2 Pink Gifts.

Ron asks for the Blue Lagoon flooring — 3 diamond reward.

Cleo asks for “Iced Fruit Tea” — 1 diamond reward. Just give a simple gift.

Petrovich ordered “Galangal Tea” and will give 3 diamonds, then “Croissant with ice cream” and will award 1 diamond.

Margaret will request “Cappuccino with nutmeg, ice and chocolate” and give 3 diamonds.

Cost per level:

  • Strawberry ice cream display case — 6,500 gold coins.
  • Sound System — 1,700 gold coins.
  • Leather Couch — 5,000 gold coins.
  • Blue Lagoon flooring — 1,580 gold coins.
  • Grape juice — 5,500 gold coins.
  • Nutmeg 2 pieces.
  • Galangal 1 piece.

Total: 20,280 gold coins.

9 уровень прохождение игры моя кофейня

The reward for completing Level 9 will be 41 diamonds, 1,000 gold coins, 1 saffron, 2 pink gifts (for Watson’s hypnosis and purchase of a sofa), 1 simple gift.

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